A Cowboy Quilt

Michelle pieced this fun little cowboy quilt.
I machine quilted an all over pattern with cowboy boots and cowboy hats, it turned out so super cute!

Since it's Labor Day weekend, the small town that I live in has a big celebration called Swiss Days, I'd love to know, have you ever been to Swiss Days?
It's a big craft sale that takes up a huge city park and all the streets surrounding, it's a pretty crazy weekend here. 

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  1. Yes I've been to Swiss Days several times. My DIL's family had a booth for a number of years. They did framed stitches of wonderful, inspiring sayings(LiveWell Stitchery). Last year was their last year since most of the family crafters aren't doing the stitches anymore. My DIL helped put her husband thru medical school with her stitches but when it all started she had 1 child, now she has 4 and h other interests to keep her busy. I tended the kids while she manned the booth and then on Saturday we would all go up and check it out. I thought it weird that it didn't include Monday but happy that Saturday night finished off the event and everyone could still have a bit of a holiday to recover.

  2. Hey, I know that quilt! Michelle was my table buddy at the last MQG retreat and she was making *that* quilt! It looks so lovely!

  3. I harbor a secret delight with cowboy quilts. Love this one! Well done.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.


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