The Chesney Skirt Tutorial

The Chesney Skirt Tutorial
Size 2-3T (can be made larger, instructions at bottom)
Materials Needed:
1/2 yard top material
1/4 yard bottom material
18" of  1" width elastic
Start by cutting.
You will need:
From your top (black) material
1- 4.5"x42" strip
1-4"x22" strip
1-3"x22" strip
From your bottom (green dot) material
1-4.5"x42" strip
1-3"x22" stirp
Take the top 4"x22" piece and the bottom 2"x22" piece and sew them into a tub as shown in the image above.

From your top and bottom 4.5"x42" strips you will create tubes, as done in the last step.
then you will turn one side under, twice to create a hem at the bottom.
Next you will create the ruffle.
Set your stitch length to the longest stitch and stitch two running stitches all the way around the top. Repeat this 1/4" down from the first stitch. As shown in the image above.

To gather the fabric you will pull on the bobbin thread on both threads to create a ruffle.
Make sure that your ruffle gathers to the same side as your bands.
Sew the bottom ruffle to the 2"x22" green dot material.
Now take the black 4"x22" band, place it wrong side out, then layer the black ruffle right side out and then the green dot band with ruffle attached (right side out). Pin them all together, as shown in the image above, make sure to line up the seams.
Turn right side out.
Now take your 3"x22" strip and sew it into a long tube, right sides out, to create a band for the elastic. Leave a small hole for the elastic to fit into.
Attach this tube to the top of the skirt.
Insert elastic and sew together at the ends.
**Optional, for the small flower I used my 60mm yo-yo maker for the large circle and my 30mm yo-yo maker for the small circle. Bar tack those on.
Walla! Finished!
Autentic Chesney Skirt
Santorini Chesney Skirt
Essence Chesney Skirt.
*Note, to make skirt larger simply add 2" to the width per size and 1" to the length per size.

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  1. Such a fun tutorial! I've made a similar skirt for one of my girls - sews up so fast!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial! Very cute. I am going to have to print this off so I can make some for my very skinny little girl that is hard to buy for! LOL

  3. very cute, thanks.
    one day i will make some.

  4. Suuuuuper awesome tutorial!! Your instructions and pictures make perfect sense! I've never sewn clothes before but I'd love to try to sew one for my cousin's daughter! Thanks!

  5. SOOO cute! I'm definitely going to make (at least) one of these!! Also, I'm not too sure what "Walla!" means! Do you mean "Voila!"?!! :)

  6. Wow! My daughter's name is Chesney, too! She was so excited to see this skirt with her name (as you know, NOTHING comes with her name!) She now wants one! It's very cute!

  7. I like your works, they are beautiful.


    have a good day



  8. Hey Natalia,
    I am so excited to make this skirt for my daughter. I just bought some great Halloween material and started cutting. I noticed one error in your tutorial though. It says to cut from the 'bottom' fabric a 3x22 piece, but then in the instructions, it says to take your bottom 2x22 piece. The picture looks like the piece should be 2x22, but I just wanted to make sure!


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