The Chesney Skirt

Remember a few weeks ago when I made the Birdie Sling? Well I was joking at the time saying that I may just have to make some clothing for my daughter because it was so fun. Well today it happened, and not just once, but three times!

 First, Kathleen and I designed and made the one made from Authentic material, it went quite well so I decided to make the one from the Santorini and the Essence. I LOVE all of them! I'm so proud that they actually turned out decent:)
My husband and siblings may just tease me forever about making clothing, you have to know that all of my childhood my mom made most of our clothing, including underwear for my sister and I, it's a family joke now. Now I'm making clothing for my daughter and I love it! :)

I'm should have the tutorial available within the next week so stay tuned!

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  1. I started sewing when I was 8, I'm 65, and made all my own clothes, including my wedding gown. I made a lot of my daughters clothes, when they were young and all of their prom/ball gowns. What work, what fun.

  2. When I started sewing I made clothing too and my mom made clothes for us when we were little. I think it is a good idea to sew clothes especially these days with the prices the way they are. Good job on the skirts. Love the fabric you used.

  3. pretty stinkin cute
    I will await the tutorial while drooling


  4. Such a cute skirt! Must be such a joy to sew beautiful clothes for your daughter!


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