Summer Dreams

 My friend Cat designed this Summer Dreams quilt as a mystery quilt and she did an amazing job! This is hers and I was lucky enough to quilt it for her.

I had a lot of fun quilting it and I thought that the quilting turned out gorgeous, if I say so myself:)

I also have to share with you.....again, my Summer Dreams quilt. I think it's so fun to see that they are the same quilt but how different they look with different materials and borders!

I love them both! You can purchase the kit here.
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  1. They are so beautiful, your right it is amazing how different they look when you use different colours and materials. Your quilting looks great too :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  2. Sometimes I think I should be creating my own quilt pattern instead of following someone else's, because it doesn't seem "creative" enough otherwise. Then I realize just how different the "same" quilt can be--which you show off so dramatically here, and slap myself on the forehead and say "DOH!"

  3. Love both of them! I too love how individual a quilt can be with fabric choices :)

  4. It's a beautiful design! I like seeing the same quilt with different fabrics too! Your quilting is beautiful!


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