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Yes, I've been busy quilting, quilting, quilting! I've quilted some more darling quilts and I just had to share them!
I love this one! She is going to add some more embellishments, but I think it's already so stinkin' cute!

Mary Engelbreit panel. Yes, love Mary Engelbreit!

Cute, simple quilt!

Whitnee's Figgy Pudding tree skirt! Yes it's all done, the tutorial is under way and she's got her home all decorated! I need to get over there and see it but I'm guessing it's darling!

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  1. The quilts are nice. I love the tree skirt and the Mary Englebert panel done up. You said Whitnee has already decorated for Christmas? Goodness, I have not even thought about Christmas yet.

  2. Love the tree skirt!! And you say tutorial??? Yeah!!!

  3. Everything beautiful as usual ...but...I want the penguins!! LOL...love 'em love 'em!! They are
    too cute!!



  4. Love all your quilting! I think I have that ME panel too :)

  5. Is there a pattern for the santa quilt? It is darling! And your quilting if lovely.


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