Thanksgiving recap

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! We had some really fun highlights this year that I wanted to share with you!

We at smoked Turkey this year. This was a first. We had someone else cook the turkey so you can only imagine our surprise when we opened it up and saw this! I was totally expecting something like what happened on Christmas Vacation (the movie) but it was actually so delicious!

Krachel and I showed up in the same outfit.

We had a delicious spinach salad but right before we left to go shopping at 10pm we decided that we should make the salad into a smoothie!

Yes, it was delicious as a smoothie too!
Now, let the Christmas festivities begin!
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  1. Did you say you left to go shopping at 10pm?!

  2. really? a salad smoothie? I would have never thought of that. Not sure I could handle salad flavor in smoothie form.


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