Announcing the UGLY QUILT CONTEST!

This is just for fun!
A way to share your ugliest quilt.
The Ugly Quilt contest will begin May 5, 2010 and go through May 11, 2010.
On May 5th there will be a post here that you can link to your ugly quilt in.
Create a post on your blog.
To be qualified to win you MUST link here and then put our image in your post.
We will be checking.

Entries will be accepted through May 11, 2010.
Starting on May 6, 2010 voting will begin on this blog.

1st Place
$30.00 Gift certificate to Piece N Quilt.
2nd Place
$15.00 Gift certificate to Piece N Quilt.
3rd Place
$5.00 Gift certificate to Piece N Quilt.

Don't forget, this is all in fun, a fun way to share those quilts that you are wondering what you were thinking. Plus, you can win fabulous prizes!

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Leave a comment, we'd love to hear from you.
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  1. Ha-ha! What a great idea!!

    Does it have to be a finished quilt, or can an abandoned quilt top count? (snicker-snicker)

  2. My post is all ready to go - just waiting for the post to link to tomorrow - I think this idea is genius. Maybe we can start a new Flikr group!

  3. Great fun Natalia! I'm sure I gave away all my uglys without taking a chance on breaking the camera. Can't wait to see what you get!

  4. lol - this will be fun to see :)

  5. Love this!!! Thanks for hosting!!

  6. I have one of those that I started making blocks for and bought some really ugly fabric but I never finished it because "what was I thinking?" does that count?

  7. Yeah, I'm with Charlene. Do quilt tops count? (I made one for my son's bed that I'm sure I'll end up finishing and using anyway because I'm cheap like that.)

  8. freaking brilliant idea. I can't wait.

  9. What a delightful idea...gosh you are one amazing lady...OK< a big but here, I can't say "I" have ever made an ugly anything...OK< I have seen some pretty ugly ones in my travels, but I have never made any...I guess I will just sit and enjoy the smiles from here...ok, I give an ugly smile if they are really ugly lol.
    blessings madame samm


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