Ugly Quilt Contest Begins Today!

Rfer back to this post for more details. You must follow all directions to be eligible to win.
Share your ugly quilt here!
Entries will be accepted through May 11, 2010.
Voting will go from May 6th - May 12, 2010

1st Place
$30.00 Gift certificate to Piece N Quilt.
2nd Place
$15.00 Gift certificate to Piece N Quilt.
3rd Place
$5.00 Gift certificate to Piece N Quilt
Don't forget, this is all in fun, a fun way to share those quilts that you are wondering what you were thinking. Plus, you can win fabulous prizes!

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  1. Natalia, your idea was genius. How did no-one think of it before? It is such fun!

  2. Ami Simms did. http://www.amisimms.com/worquilworco.html

  3. Fantastic idea! I have a quilt that I find to be ugly, but not because of color or design: because of my poor sewing skills. But I made it for my sister, who LOVES it, and she would be sad if I showed it off as ugly.
    May the best ugliest win! :)

  4. If my wife wins, she can make more ugly quilts! Just kidding.

  5. I'm not sure if I did this right. I posted the picture and then put in the blog link about the contest. So all the other pictures go to a blog entry, and mine just the image. Let me know if you need me to send the blog in to you. Thanks! =)

  6. Ha ha, this is quite fun. I wanted to vote for No. 9 - Carmel - but there isn't a little number box for her up on your sidebar. Hopefully, this will count!

    Good luck everyone! :o)



  7. So, is 7 only competing against 8? Am I not getting this?

  8. Where are pictures for 10-12?

  9. There's varying levels of ugliness here, but I've got to vote for #9 Carmel because she asked me to! :-D

  10. This is so much fun, Natalia!! We all think our own entry is SO ugly, but I know I like most of the others!!




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