In Honor of my Great Grandma.

A few months back I was asked to machine quilt this Alzheimer's Art Quilts. When I was asked I was very touched, my great grandma died a few years back from this disease. She was a great lady and I have very fond memories of her before Alzheimer's.
This quilt will be a part of a "From Heartbreak to Hope" exhibit. The profits that are raised by this exhibit will be used for research. There are 182 quilts like this one containing 55 names each.
I was able to add my Great Grandma's name to this quilt. I am so proud to be able to honor her.
Thanks for the opportunity to quilt this quilt.

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  1. That must be a great honor to be able to do something to remember your great grandma in such a way. It's such a heartbreaking disease, and I wish there was some way of treatment. *Hugs*

  2. WOW! SO simple, so poignant, so beautiful. We are loosing my mother-in-law to this disease...

  3. That is a wonderful quilt and so special that you could do something in memory of your grandmother.


  4. Lost my grandmother to this disease. What a privileged to be able to add your touch to something so meaningful. Last year they were taking signatures for the quilt at the International Quilt Festival. I hope my Mama Mina will find her way on to a piece of the quilt too.


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