Daisies & Lattice

 This quilt seems to be on every one's mind lately.
I've had a lot of e-mails after posting a picture of it in my studio, asking about it so I'll answer the questions here.
The quilt is named "Daisies & Lattice"
It is approx 80"x80"
Kathleen & I designed it a couple of years ago and we are hoping to have the pattern available soon.
A few fun facts.
The quilt won a blue ribbon here.

I am still really proud of this quilt, this was the first quilt that Kathleen and I designed and we really had no idea what we were doing. The applique is all turned under and all of the fling geese are 3 dimensional. 

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  1. So beautiful-I always love how you incorporate something else into a geometric design - (that means I like the flowers)

  2. Natalia, as much as I love getting your free patterns, I don't understand why you don't sell them - you are one of the most talented quilt designers around and you give away your fabulous designs for free - not that I'm complaining!

  3. That is a great quilt! That zinging color for the daisies plays so well with the rest of the quilt..wish I had your eye and talent! :)

  4. Gorgeous quilt! I'm so glad you posted about it again - I wanted a closer look at it! Glad I did - I didn't notice the 3D flying geese before! Can't wait for the pattern!!

  5. I noticed it too, it really is a beautiful piece. Love the simplicity with the splash of flowers.


  6. This is exactly the quilt that really caught my eye yesterday. It is simply beautiful - the colors, the design! Thank you for the detail. I am really intrigued by your 3D geese

  7. Oh la la!! Sooo pretty, both the design and the colors!

  8. It is really beautiful! Congrats on all your ribbons! And I'll be watching for the tutorial!

  9. This quilt took my breath away...simply stunning!!

  10. Such a beautiful quilt. I love patchwork and applique together.


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