Moda Bake Shop quilt is well under way!

Today, I am sewing, not quilting!
YAY! Sewing so relaxing to me.
I am sewing my new Moda Bake Shop tutorial!
Here is your sneak peak!
I just have a little bit more more applique to go then it'll be ready for quilting.
Half Moon charm pack is the main material that will be needed.

Are you spending your Saturday in a relaxing way?
I hope so!

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  1. Can't wait to see my birthday quilt! ;)

    I missed your sale on Half Moon... but I'll wait until it comes around again...

  2. Hummmmm I like pink and black and white, can't wait to see your project Natalia, you're awesome!!!

  3. I wish I had spent the day relaxing. Instead I spent it selecting fabrics to make quilt kits. In six hours we cut 315 yards from 74 bolts.

    P.S. Lovin' the black, white, and pink!

  4. i spent mine visiting a new quilt shop & finishing the tutorial for my next moda bake shop quilt!

  5. I thought half-moon fabric was gorgeous. I see you've paired it with a bright pink. It looks amazing so far. Can't wait to see how it comes out!

  6. I've been sewing too! yours looks great :)

  7. I can't wait to see wthe finished quilt. I always, ALWAYS, love you tutorials.


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