Designing a Quilt

When you come to my studio don't be surprised if you see a lot of notebooks with sketches drawn on them. I am always sketching something. When I design a quilt the inspiration comes from many things; the fabric, windows, floors, trees, flowers, carpet, doors, clothing, bags, roads. Yes, I find inspiration everywhere. 
When I designed Flower Pops I was inspired by the fabric. I felt like the fabric was very modern with a funky twist. So I immediately began sketching. After I have a rough draft on paper I generally head to my computer and draw the actual quilt in EQ7. Next, sewing, usually I will make all of my blocks, lay it out on the floor and then change my mind. 
This was my original sketch for Flower Pops. 
Yes, it changed a lot. I'm glad it did because I love it now!
How do you design a quilt?
Where does your inspiration come from?

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  1. Love to see your process! I tend to lay fabrics out & audition them. EQ7 is becoming a bigger part of my process too.

  2. Wow!! SEW neat!! Thanks for sharing!! (LOve this quilt!!)

  3. I have never actually thought about the process...wow! I'm going to have to noodle that around a bit. :)

  4. I am the same way, I start with a doodle and then change it a million times.


  5. I start the same way, with a sketch. Then it is off to Excel (it's all I have for designing) to design it out and figure out sizes, seams, and so forth. Does EQ7 figure all that out for you?? Are you happy with your purchase of it??

  6. Its so cute, I love that quilt! I have been working on a few myself. Someday maybe.

  7. wow... nice sketch.. usually my sketch was for-my-eyes-only thing.. i'm too shy to show.. :)


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