Catching up on my bee blocks

I've fallen behind on my bee blocks. So today I spent some time catching up on those. 
The first two are Dresdens and I am so glad that Kelly had us make them. It was a first for me and let me tell you, I will be making them again! They are so much fun!
Considering they were my first Dresdens I think they turned out pretty cute!
Then I got to make a couple more bee blocks. Blocks of my choice. 
So I chose to make a melon block and a half square triangle block.
I think they are both pretty cute!
Thanks ladies for letting me make quilt blocks for you!

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Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow! I am going to spend time with family and friends then do a little bit of Black Friday shopping!

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  1. they look great! I too love Dresdens (so pretty), and I am particularly fond of that melon seed block. :)

    (and I keep voting for your mama!). :)

  2. They look gorgeous! I would've never known those were your first Dresdens, they look perfect!

  3. I have yet to see a Dresden I didn't like...yours makes me happy!!
    Take care!

  4. Your Dresdens look great! I made my first over the summer. Whipped out six, then set them aside to try something else!! One day they'll be added to and made into something special. Happy Thanksgiving! ~karen

  5. Dresdens are my new favorite thing! And I love your melon block :)

  6. You mean Amy's dresden plates. Please dont send them to Kelly. LOL

    I love them by the way!!


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