Talkin' Tuesdays

Many of you have joined me each Tuesday night to chat on Twitter.
Since I initially began the sewing chat my life has become crazy, my daughter is now taking a mommy and me tumbling class that takes place at the exact time and it's become difficult for me to balance my home life and a weekly chat. I didn't want to totally give up the chat because it has been so much fun. So my sweet friend Cara has offered to take over for me! I am so thankful for Cara and her willingness to step up and help me out. 
Along with Cara taking over we decided to make the chat one hour earlier so more of our friends can join in. 
Starting tonight Talkin' Tuesdays will be held at 7-9pm MST or 9-11pm EST. 
Thank you again Cara for taking this on!
You are an angel!
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  1. OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY !!! I'll miss you ! it will be great , cut not the same ! are you doing tumbling also ?


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