Black Friday Shopping!

Last year we, meaning my mom, sister, aunt and cousin started a tradition. We were never the type to go Black Friday Shopping but when we heard about some great deals at the outlet mall we had to go!
This year Kathleen is out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday so we had a friend go with us instead. It was so much fun, shopping in the 1 degree weather and giggling the whole way. Then saving up to 70% off our total purchases! 
Now, if you know me very well you know that I hate to drive and I'm supposed to wear glasses to drive. (which I didn't have with me) It's cold and stormy here in Utah and since everyone else is from California they didn't dare drive their BIG VAN shopping! So I was the chauffeur and shuttled everyone around the mall in this big van! It was a great time and we got a lot of looks and laughs!

I hope you all had a fun Black Friday! 
Did you score any great deals?

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  1. I went with a friend of mine to our outlet mall. We really just went to GAP kids and OshKosh. Then we were brave and went to Walmart for some toys from "Santa" :)

  2. You drove THAT!? Awesome. So did you get some good stuff? Was it as fun as last year? I'm sad I didn't go... maybe next year.

  3. Sounds like you had a great time.


  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. My daughter and I have been going out every year. NOT at 4:00 AM but a little later. We found several Christmas gifts, but mostly had a good time together.


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