She's 3!

Happy birthday to my baby!
She is 3 today!
I actually baked yesterday, baked a cake for her birthday. 
My husband told me he's pretty sure that I've only baked three times in our entire marriage. On each of Chesney's birthdays. 
Chesney is really obsessed with puppies right now, so Kathleen came up with the idea to make a a puppy cake.
and, she loves it! She even named it Bocephus (the name of our dog).
Since, apparently I've only baked three times in my marriage I thought I'd share proof that I actually did bake three times :)
This was last year, for her 2nd birthday.
This was two years ago for her first birthday.
Happy birthday Chesney!

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  1. For someone who seldom bakes, you do an amazing job on your cakes, I love it.

    Happy Birthday to Chesney!


  2. What a lucky little girl! She is so cute!

    Billie in TX

  3. You might not bake often, but when you do, you certainly go all out. Those are some elaborate cakes.
    Happy birthday to your daughter. (she looks a lot like you)

  4. Happy Birthday Chesney you cutie! :)

    Tell your mama she did a great job on your cakes. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Chesney!!

    Your cakes are as beautiful as your quilts and equally creative!!

  6. What beautiful cakes! Love the puppy cake. What a nice way to make each birthday special for Chesney.

  7. Oh my goodness. To be blessed with creative sewing skills and creative baking skills!!!! Your cakes are awesome. Are you hiding any other creative skills? ( :

  8. You should bake more often, those are amazing!! How do you do that? Do you get tips or what? I would love to make a cake for my daughters bday, but like you I DONT bake. lol

    Oh and happy birthday Chesney!

  9. Oh my gosh! Wow! I can't believe that you never bake! Those are gorgeous! Maybe it's just that your cakes are just so good that by the time he gets home they are gone so he doesn't think you ever bake.

  10. That cake is sweet and I am sure Mini Me---I mean Chesney loved it too because mommy baked it JUST for her!!

  11. For baking only "3" times since you've been married....you did a great job. Love the puppy but really love year 2....looked complicated.

  12. I LOVED the 1 year old birthday cake. It was in that minute that I knew I could never outdo your baking skills, so I never even tried.

    PS - love the sewing maching on your photos. so cute!

  13. How I miss my boys when they were this little!!! Now João is 15 and Rafael is 10! Enjoy every and each moment with her!!!

  14. Happy Birthday to Chesney! Very cute cake!

  15. Happy Birthday to Chesney! And what a cute cake. Very special.


  16. OMG she is absolutely adorable!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!

  17. Awe...Happy Birthday to the bday girl! and what a cute cake!

  18. Happy Birthday Chesney! Glad you guys had a fun day - and I love all your cakes! The puppy is adorable :)

  19. Wow, when you bake, you BAKE. No lopsided buy loved cakes like I make. The dog is sooo cute. Happy Birthday Chesney!

  20. OMG----I love your kinda baking! That puppy cake is just awesome.

    BTW-My birthday is in April :0) Just in case you want to make me a puppy cake!


    BTW-I voted already


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