Exciting News!

Thank you to everyone who voted for Kathleen in the McCalls Quilt Design Star Contest. She received word  yesterday that she has made it to the final round! She's already got a few ideas in mind and I can't wait to see what her final quilt design looks like!
As for me,
I've been busy quilting and doing a little bit of applique.
I quilted some fun leaves on this darling flannel patchwork quilt.
I machine quilted this fun Buggy Barn Christmas Tree Skirt.
and I added a little bit of applique to Kim's Figgy Christmas Quilt. 

Don't forget about Talkin' Tuesday tonight. Cara has a fun night of chatting and prizes planned!

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  1. I am so glad Kathleen made it to the next round, I wish her luck. Love your new pieces and the quilting is always so wonderful.


  2. I am so happy that your mom made through this round. I think she will make another awesome quilt in the next round. I hope she is the grand winner!!

  3. ya for Kathleen!! That is wonderful news!!

  4. YAY so glad she made it to the finals! You must be so proud!

  5. Congrats to Kathleen! I can't wait to see what she makes next.

    I love your quilting, the leaves are adorable. :)

  6. That IS exciting news! Congratulations to Kathleen.


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