Do you use twitter?

Do you tweet? (use twitter)
I have to admit. Until about 6 months ago I didn't get what the buzz about twitter was. I had set up a twitter account about a year before that but I never used it. 
When I discovered hootsuite my life was changed. I am now a twitter junkie.
Anyways, what I'm getting at. 
If you don't tweet you should!
I'm always sharing fun little snippets of what I'm up to.
Here are a couple pictures that I shared over the weekend. 
I know this might shock the pants right off of some of you, but I actually did binding, by hand!
(I took these pics on my cell phone so they aren't the best.)
This is how I spent my weekend

I'd love to connect with you on twitter
and share a few sneak peaks with you too!

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  1. I am trying to use it more! :)

  2. I have to say that I just do not like Twitter. I like FB so much better, maybe because that's where I started, Twitter came second. ??

  3. I have a Twitter account but I don't use it at all! Love your sneak peeks - beautiful.

  4. Twitter junkie is right! ;]
    It's fun though, isn't it? You can get to know people so well through their tweets!

  5. Good girl - I love the binding sewn on by hand...
    do you have a complete picture of the quilt that looks like it has blue flower petals on it to share with us?
    It is your last picture...


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