It's here.... and it's real!

My heart is beating really fast. I'm having a hard time actually typing this post. 
It's all just so surreal right now. My advance copy of my book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting  arrived today!
photo's via instagram.

If you'd like to pre-order a signed copy from me, email me today.

Pre-order my book today, books will begin shipping mid September!
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS. It looks great. I can't wait to see it.

  2. Congrats...you must be having the best day! Can't wait to see your book!

  3. Awe, that's awesome...I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work.

  4. Woooot! Congrats to you! I'll bet you feel like $1,000,000!!!!!

  5. Congratulations! Can't wait to get a copy of your book.

  6. Wooooo!! Congratulations. I think some cake and fruit juice are in order to celebrate the moment!! =D

  7. Wow! It must be thrilling to hold a published book that you spent so much time and effort on! It looks like an awesome book. I'm not a new machine quilter but I'd love to know more about your techniques. We can always learn more! Hope it's a best seller! It looks like one to me! Good job!

    Cheery wave from Bev


  8. Well done! You deserve every success.

  9. I love it! It looks incredible! Soak it up and take it all in. You are freakin' awesome!!! I can only imagine how good it must feel to turn the pages 1 by 1 and think the entire time... "I did this... ME!! I'm Published!!!!"


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