A Quilt From 2 Flat Sheets!

Rae had this fabulous idea for a quilt, she brought me two, high thread count grey sheets and asked me to machine quilt an all over pattern. 
At first I thought, hmm....., then I thought about it and decided I should do the same for myself, I have a couple of solid colored quilts from Bed Bath & Beyond and I love the simplicity of them, I love to use one of those and then just dress the bed up with another quilt that I've made. 
Thanks for the great idea Rae! :)

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  1. I LOVE that! It's so gorgeous! What a great idea!

  2. Wow!! I love this idea...thanks for passing it along!

  3. I've done tied comforters out of sheets -never thought to quilt them like this. Just got my own older model machine & frame - this would be a good idea for practicing, too!!!

  4. I have a gentleman that I work with that asked me about a summer quilt. This sounds like a great idea. What kind of batting would you suggest, having quilted the two sheets that would be breathable and cool.

    Thanks for the picture and sharing the finished product.


  5. You did an amazing job!! I had a friend up here do the same thing this past month, but it didn't come out as pretty!

  6. Great idea. And I need a grey quilt to go with a pretty girly one of mine. Hmmm.

  7. Hubby did this for a friend, when he first started LA'ing... And it turned out incredible, if I do say so myself! *grin*

    You could put this gorgeous grey (sheet) quilt on your bed... and then, add a fairly big Christmas table topper, that's square shape.... but you lay it on the diagonal, on top of your grey (sheet) quilt.

    You know - to dress up your bed? Just a suggestion. :-))

    LOVE reading your blog, BTW!!!

    Rosa (and Gilbert)
    Saint John, NB


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