Double Snowball Quilt

Yesterday I finished up the machine quilting on this beautiful Double Snowball Quilt made by Paula. I love the bright fabrics with the touch of black. So crisp!
Paula sent me her quilt and asked me to custom machine quilt it for her, giving me the go-ahead to quilt it as I felt. I decided to really play up the rounded "snowball" look that the quilt has.
So I machine quilted a flower in the center the a couple of circles followed by a smaller border of circles and some echoing. 
I machine quilted heavy straight lines in the black and then an orange peel pattern in the corner blocks. I really love how it turned out.
I did change and use a few different thread colors. I don't like my machine quilting to take away too much from the actual quilt top, so sometimes changing thread colors is the best option.
Paula had a solid black backing, and also black batting, great for this quilt, I love how the bright thread colors really pop on the backing.
And just for fun, here's a picture of the quilt top before I began machine quilting, it's always fun to see the transformation before and after the machine quilting.

Thanks for letting me machine quilt this fabulous quilt Paula!


  1. Your quilting really makes the quilt pattern shine!

  2. That is really neat, it reminds me of a spirograph :) Your work is so inspiring.

  3. It is always so exciting to see the transformation from a top to a quilt.

  4. And the "snowballs" become "medallions".....beautiful quilting. I agree, sometimes there's no way around changing thread colors!!!!!

  5. I've never seen a double snowball before and I really like what you added to it.

  6. Sometimes the quilting makes the quilt. While the top is beautifully pieces and very colorful, it really came together with your quilting. Love seeing the before and after.

  7. Work of art! Two artists coming together on this project really make it magic!


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