Airplane Quilt

Colleen made this adorable baby quilt for her new grand-son! He's going to be sharing a bedroom with his big sister so she made a quilt that wouldn't be too masculine, but would just coordinate with his sisters decor. 
After Colleen made the quilt she brought it to me and asked me to add some airplane applique, I generally never piece or applique for customers, but Colleen is my S-I-L, so I made an exception to my rule.
I applique the three little airplanes and then machine quilted the quilt, hoping it would appear as if the airplanes were in the sky.
I think it turned out pretty dang cute, and with the Quilters Dream batting and the minky backing this quilt will be loved for years!


  1. Beautiful quilting! Always! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Grandiously!!! What for an wonderful qulting!!!
    Kindest regards from Angela

  3. Those planes are definitely flying! Wonderful!

  4. Just fabulous and your designs for it are perfect.

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  6. Do you machine quilt for a business? Do you have a website and prices on sizes of quilts that you will do? thanks for the info

    1. Hi Anneliese, I do. At the top of the page there is a "machine quilting" link. Check it out and then you can email me with any questions. :)


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