Free-Motion Quilting

Last week I spent several days machine quilting some adorable quilts for my friend Karen of Nellie's Needle. I can't share pictures of the whole quilt's yet....but I thought the machine quilting on them turned out so cute I had to share a few little peeks!
Most of the machine quilting that I did on these quilts I teach how-to in my book, Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting. I have signed copies available here.
This is the back of one of the little quilts, someone commented over on Facebook asking if this was done by a computer....nope, this was all me, free-motion quilting. :)
One last one! I love how these all turned out! 
This week I am machine quilting several quilts that I can share! So I'll have lots of eye-candy to come!
Hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. Isn't it funny when people ask if you have used a computer to quilt? I get that all the time.

  2. I asked but it wasn't to offend. It's nice to know when you see beautiful quilting if it's free motioned and achievable with practice or if computer. I don't have a computer, don't see one in my future, but I am trying to build my free motion skills to look better.

    1. Debbie! I was not at all offended! I actually take it as a compliment when I'm asked that about free-motion quilting, although I always look at it and see the imperfections. :)

  3. i too get asked the same thing! Beautiful quilting.

  4. So inspirational. Perhaps, with practice, someday someone will ask me the same!

  5. Just beautiful quilting.....love how you put together the patterns and they just flow together so nice!
    Can't wait to see the whole top...thanks.

  6. Amazing Quilting. I never get tired of seeing your work.


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