Penny Wool Quilt

Patti made this beautiful Penny Wool quilt. It's so beautiful, and it's always so much fun to see quilts made using wool.
To be completely honest though, quilts with wool still, after all of these years, intimidate me. Wool can be very tricky to work with on a Long-arm machine. It can be difficult to try to even move your machine around the wool, so rarely am I able to actually machine quilt on the wool. I'm not a wool expert, so I don't know if there are different weights but some seem to be thicker than others. The wool that Patti used on this quilt seemed to be a little bit thinner, so I was able to machine quilt on some of it. I really thought it was fun to see the texture that came with actually quilting on the wool.
I machine quilted a lot of feathers, pebbles and clams, really making that wool pop!
The photo below shows the wool border, the one with the feathers. I think it turned out pretty awesome. 
Thanks for letting me machine quilt your darling quilt Patti!

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  1. beautiful! I have been watching some of your Youtube video's and wanted to say thank you for sharing.

  2. I love how the appliqué pops with the quilting and she used some gorgeous colors and wools in her piece, nice contrast. I also love the ruffle baby quilt, that is so cute.


  3. It truly is fabulous and you did a terrific job with it.


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