Round and Round Quilt

Ilene made this adorable version of our Round and Round quilt. I really love this quilt, for a lot of reasons, I love the pattern, Kathleen and I designed this pattern and it's available in my book; Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting. I just love the colors that Ilene used in her version! I totally want to make a quilt in this color palate now!
After I machine quilted Donna's quilt I knew I had to quilt the waterdrops pattern on this quilt. 
I used Quilters Dream Wool batting, I wanted the quilt to stay really soft but have a little bit more texture, I think Quilters Dream Wool is just perfect for creating texture yet staying really soft.
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  1. I love the waterdrops pattern Natalia! It looks like it has a lot of starts and stops to it...or is it one of those ones that has a 'trick' to it? Awesome work, as usual!

  2. Cool looking quilt! I like the Bamboo you used in my quilt. I've not used Wool before

  3. Beautiful quilting. The waterdrops pattern really makes a statement.

  4. I really like the colors too and the quilting design is perfect.


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