Zig Zags - Custom Machine Quilting by Natalia Bonner

Last week I custom machine quilted this fun little quilt for Lianne! When she sent me her quilt she had a few ideas in mind, but basically gave me the go-ahead to machine quilt it as I wanted. So, I took the ideas that she sent me and then made them my own. I had a lot of fun machine quilting the borders, with straight lines and some random circles, then some straight lines and swirls in the body of the quilt. I used Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe batting and really LOVE the texture that the I was able to create!
Thanks for letting me custom machine quilt your adorable quilt Lianne!


  1. Love the swirls/circles in the blue border. Do you sketch out a potential design first or just go for it?

  2. Wow..another great quilting pattern and love how you come up with designs for each one. Think I have seen the best one and then you outdo with the next....love it!

  3. Absolutely love this. You have turned this simple quilt design into an absolute treasure.


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