Coastal Lily - Custom Machine Quilting

Yesterday I finished up the custom machine quilting on this beautiful Coastal Lily quilt made by Gail.
The pattern for this quilt was originally designed by Minick & Simpson, it's a gorgeous pattern and it's so cool to see it with the brighter fabric colors. Actually, I thought it was pretty awesome as I was machine quilting  it to see that Gail had combined so many fabrics, I would have never thought that Vanessa Christenson's fabrics could go with French General fabrics, but in this quilt they do, and they play so well together!
When Gail sent me this quilt she asked me to custom machine quilt it for her. She basically gave me the go-ahead to quilt it as I wanted, she just wanted me to make sure that I added in feathers, she loves feathers! I can handle that, I love feathers too!
We also agreed to use a double batting, one layer of Quilters Dream Wool and one layer of Bamboo. I think this is my very most favorite double batting I've ever used. The texture is amazing, but the two battings stayed very soft, with a nice drape.
Gail chose a nice tone on tone print for the backing, which really showed off the machine quilting. That makes me happy! :)

While I was machine quilting this quilt I decided to dust off the camera and shoot a little video of me free-motion quilting. Now, don't judge my camera skills too much, I am not a videographer by profession, and my new studio doesn't have the awesome lighting that I used to have. But I do think it's fun to see the videos. In this video I did not speed anything up like I generally do, this is real time, me and my long arm. Since I know that someone will ask, the ruler that I am using in the video is designed by Linda Taylor, and yes, I do all of my machine quilting one handed.

Hope you enjoy the little video. :)


  1. I loved the video. Truly incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely quilt and great! video. Would love to see more in future, but please leave off the music next time. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great to see your amazing work - thanks

  4. Oh my gosh....what a great video and loved it ! Really special to see my quilt being quilted and thanks Natalia so much. Will look forward to more videos....Gail

  5. Thank you for making your videos, I find them both helpful and inspiring.

  6. It really is fabulous and thank you for the video. I always like to see how it is actually done so that I can try it myself.


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