Typhoon - Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts

I can't even begin to express how excited I am about our upcoming book; Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts. I know I've said this over and over but I love when you look at a quilt and it makes you think.....now how was that put together?!?  When Kathleen and I came up with the concept for this new book, that was exactly what we wanted to create. A modern twist on traditional Log Cabin style quilt blocks.
This pattern is Typhoon. I love it so much, it might be one of my very favorite quilts from this book. I love that when you look at the quilt you cannot see the Log Cabin type construction. :) 

Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts is now available for pre-order, and you know as soon as I receive my advanced copy, in April or May, I'll be screaming it from the rooftops!


  1. Oh looks amazing! I can see why you are soooooo excited!

  2. Oh my the quilting on that one is fantastic!!!

  3. Such a splendid quilt. This is the one that confirmed my decision to buy the book!


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