Machine Quilting Patterns

I don't often talk much here about my fun little hobby, designing digital machine quilting patterns and embroidery files. 

Kathleen and I started this fun little journey a few years back and learned the ins and outs of the digital portion of machine quilting and embroidery. For me, this is just a fun thing that I like to do whenever inspiration strikes. I often see designs that I love in nature, architecture and every day life that inspire me, and when I do I love to turn them into machine quilting patterns. 

With my recent move and just busy life in general I just haven't been able to play with designing these patterns in what seems like forever! But this week, inspiration struck, hard! I had to put everything down and just draw, I came up with several new digital machine quilting patterns, and even a few Christmas embroidery files.
Some of the new patterns are:

All of these files are available for purchase in the "shop" or if you want your long-arm quilter to use them we have all of our digital machine quilting files available in most long-arm machine quilting formats.

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