Coming Soon-----My First Craftsy Machine Quilting Class

This past week I was able to fulfill a dream, a dream that I wasn't quite sure I'd ever be able to fulfill. I'm so grateful that I am able to team up with Craftsy to share my love of machine quilting with quilters all over the world!

You have probably noticed that the blog has been a little bit quiet lately. We'll I've been busy this summer, besides my kids I've been working all summer with the editors and producers over at Craftsy. Together we've created a machine quilting class that I know you're going to love. 

And, now that I'm back home from filming and teaching I'll start catching up on this blog! YAY!

When teaching machine quilting classes, the question I'm most often asked is; "how do I know what to quilt in each block" In this fun machine quilting class I teach you how-to break down quilt blocks and then I teach you several step-by-step patterns and how to quilt them.

In my class I do all of my machine quilting on a Gammill Premier, however, all of the designs and techniques that I teach can easily be done on a conventional machine as well.

My class is scheduled to launch in September, so over the next few weeks I've got some exciting little sneak peeks, and some give-aways! 

For my class I partnered with my friends over at Pattern Jam and created this fun panel to practice all of the machine quilting patterns that I teach you in my class! You can hop over to Pattern Jam and pick up your panel so you're ready to start quilting as soon as the class launches!


  1. Congratulations! I will watch for the class signup.

  2. I hope they aren't going to have you demonstrate part of your class on a DSM. I swear I will never purchase another Craftsy class that is supposedly by a long-armer only to have them present part of the class on a DSM. I gave up on DSM long ago. That is why I invested in a long arm. I want classes in long arm quilting, not quilting on a DSM. Sorry. I just had to vent.

  3. WOW that's soooo awesome! I will be keeping an eye out. I love that panel......such a brilliant idea! Best wishes, your in quilting....Leeanne from NZ.

  4. Congratulations! Best wishes in your class!!

  5. Wow Congratulations!!! Way to go!!!!!

  6. That IS exciting news! What a great idea to have a Pattern Jam panel available to all of us.

  7. That's great news, can't wait to take your class! The panel is a splendid idea, too - most classes have actual quilts which is quite time consuming, and that's why they never get done...

  8. I'm looking forward to the class and the panel idea is wonderful.


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