Introducing - Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers - Professional Quality Results on Your Home Machine

Take the fear out of quilting feathers! Explore 68 modern feather designs with step-by-step guidance from award-winning quilter Natalia Bonner. Quilt stunning feathers on a variety of blocks and borders with this beginner-friendly, visual guide. Unlike traditional feather quilting, which relies on exactness and precision, Natalia’s ideas will help you break away from perfection and find creativity in your quilting practice. Use your home sewing machine or a longarm to free-motion feathers with confidence, adding a truly elegant finish to today’s modern quilts.

- 68 modern feather designs! Beginner-friendly techniques from best-selling author Natalia Bonner
- Kick your feather fears to the curb with an easy-to-use guide for domestic and longarm quilters
- Finish blocks and borders with unique feather motifs to complement today’s modern quilts

I love to machine quilt feathers. I really, really  love to machine quilt feathers. Yet, after owning my longarm machine for about two years, I still had never even attempted to machine quilt a feather. I often would tell my mom, Kathleen, that I didn't think I'd ever machine quilt a feather -- I didn't think I would ever have a quilt that would be appropriate on. Was I naive!

The day finally arrived -- I had a quilt that I knew needed feathers. I drew every single feather on the border of the quilt. It took forever to draw those feathers, and when I was done with the quilting, the result was stunning. Ever since that day , I think I've tried to include feathers on almost every single quilt I've quilted. Did I mention that I really love feathers?

I think there is a time and place for different feather styles. I love the look of traditional heirloom feathers, but I don't think they are appropriate for every single quilt. 

There are traditional feathers and there are more modern feathers -- and when they are used on the right quilt, they make it shine.

In this book there are more than 60 different feather ideas, including block and border designs. I hope that you will come to love feathers as much as I do.

My new book; Visual Guide to Free-Motion Quilting Feathers, will begin shipping March 2017. It's now available for pre-order on my website or Amazon.


  1. Great news! I look forward to collecting your next book, and one day I swear I am going to put my reading into action -- lol.

  2. Great news! I look forward to collecting your next book, and one day I swear I am going to put my reading into action -- lol.


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