WIP Friday!

I'm machine quilting feathers today!
I love feathers!
Hope you all have a happy weekend! 
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  1. Cool! Is that a pantograph or do you do that free hand? Love it!

  2. I want to know that too! Gorgeous work, I hope to have a frame one day.

  3. I enjoy doing feathers too, even though I have not done too many. I think from the years I spent tole painting, I have that shape etched in my mind.


  4. That's amazing......how you manage to fill up all the spaces as you go, and make it all look so seamless. You definitely have a gift for this, Natalia.

  5. Hi Natalia...please tell me who digitized this design...love it!

  6. Love the feathers! I think they are my fav!

    Thanks for the voting reminder.

  7. Natalia--
    I am so excited to see this work in progress--that's my quilt! It looks so beautiful already; thanks a million in advanced!
    Carrie Anne

  8. I love how you share with us the quilts you quilt!
    You should be called the Feather Queen - your are so beautiful!
    All your work is:)

  9. I haven't tackled feathers yet...but maybe soon. :) I have to master spirals first! blessings, marlene


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