No, I'm not a golfer, although I do enjoy riding along in the cart with my husband when he goes!
I finished quilting this cute golf quilt today for one of my sweet customers. My husband actually told me that he loves this one (he dislikes everything I make). 
I had to share this picture, while I was quilting yesterday I heard the motorcycle horn honking so I looked outside to see Chesney riding the motorcycle with Grandpa! So cute!

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  1. What do you mean he dislikes everything you make?! Does he LOOK at what you make? LOL

  2. I agree ; how could he dislike what you make ??? the golf quilt is very nice , and I'm not a golfer ; we ride the Harley , and DO NOT golf ! Nice picture of Chesney on the bike ! Sophie , my 5 year old grand daughter is ready to go with us , however I don't think my daughter is ready for it yet !

  3. Tell your husband he has no taste you make beautiful quilts. Buy him some glasses (ha Ha) Jus kidding and he must be to.

  4. What a surprise a man likes a golf quilt! lol

  5. Of course he would love that theme, lol.
    Mine is the opposite, he loves everything I make, usually;) It is like when your mom says it is wonderful, you can't take their word on it, haha.


  6. Well, I entered the comment form to say something about how crazy it is that your husband doesn't like anything you make. But it seems that everyone else has made appropriate and good comments. I hope he realizes what an amazing girl he married and learns to appreciate your wonderful talents.


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