These blocks are AMAZING!

When I signed up for this Christmas Bee group I had no idea how cute the blocks would turn out! Each day as the other ladies in the group post the pictures of my blocks on Flickr and their blogs I am more and more AMAZED and excited. I HAVE to share the most recent ones with you!
Kelly made me the two bocks above and they are adorable! You know that I LOVE words in my quilts so those words will be perfect!
I also love the borders on the pinwheel! Thanks Kelly!
Karrie made me this beautiful star block! I am so impressed with these blocks, they are SOOO much better than I had envisioned!
Thanks Karrie!
Rene made me another DARLING tree block. I'm really loving this tree!
Thanks Rene!
You can check out the other darling blocks they've made
More about our fun little group here.

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Thanks! :)

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  1. YOU are kidding me, they are far from Amazing, they are pieces of ART...I would love to participate in a gathering of this sort in the future...goodness me, I cannot even imagine how beautiful this quilt will be...Now do all of you make blocks for each other??? Or do they all just make them for you? NATALIA, it sounds like you are on the top of the receiving end...how lucky for you...they are fabulous block makers...As always, you bring smiles..blessings ms

  2. This quilt is going to be AWESOME ! can't wait !!!

  3. Holy cow those blocks are amazing!

  4. Wow! Those are so, so cute! The words are really a big wow. My favorite is the star block by Karrie.

    Also, I love your pop-up comments!

    xo -E


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