A little quilting and the rest of my stash!

So far this week I've spent a bit of time machine quilting and a bit of time cleaning out my stash
I quilted this DARLING quilt for Tara! I think it turned out just darling. She told me that she was inspired by our "Gobble Gobble" tutorial. What an honor!
I quilted this darling cabin quilt for Joyce! I think the leaves on the backing look so cute!
I quilted this quilt for Andria! I love this one! I recently got a new bedroom set and I have been dying to make a black, white and yellow quilt for my new black bed. I really wanted to just steal this quilt! :) Just kidding. :)
Now onto my stash!
I've got two of the fat quarter packs left.
Today I cut a ton of 5" squares from more of my stash.
I've created these little bundles of 5" squares. Each bundle contains 50-60, 5" squares. Material is all Moda fabrics and it is all scraps. I'm selling these for just $5. Click here to buy one!
BUT, I'm exhausted from cutting up my stash and I have a ton left! So, the whole rest of my stash is for sale!
There is still a ton of fabric, easily $150 worth. I'm selling this whole pile for $50.  I will feel so much better when I can have a fresh clean start! Click here to purchase my stash!
**Update, stash is sold out. We do have still have the 5" squares and the Fat Quarters left.

I'm just not a stash person, it just becomes to much for me. :)
Hope you're having a happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Oh, to have room for such a beautiful stash! Someone is going to be very luck to take that pile home.

  2. Wow, your stash sold out quick! Good for you.

    Wonder if Tara has a pattern for the quilt she made? It is awesome!!! Think she would share? Could you ask?


  3. That pinwheel quilt is awesome!
    Good for you cleaning out the stash :)

  4. i adore that pinwheel quilt

    and you are right, cutting is exhausting!

  5. My My you have been busy! Love the pinwheel quilt! They all look amazing! xx

  6. Where do you get your energy ? love the quilts !! you did a really nice job on quilting them , And soon I'm REALLY going to have a stash issue here ; I'm running out of room in my limited storage places !!!!


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