Independence Day!

Hope you all have a happy Independence Day weekend!
I'm planning on:
Spending time at the pool with family.
Sleeping in.
Watching some fireworks.
Enjoying some BBQ!
Do you have any great weekend plans?

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  1. I'm helping my hubby lay a hardwood floor in our living room!! (And hopefully finishing the binding on a quilt for a friend.....)

  2. Your plans sound good to me. Going to be hot, so I will be in the pool and my husband can grill;)


  3. Have a great weekend with your family Natalia! You have the best sales ~

  4. I may have to place a second order .... hmmm ...... HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND WITH YOUR FAMILY !!!! AND , thanks for the great sale !

  5. I actually slept until 10 this morning! Enjoy your weekend ;)

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  7. i'm just adding a picture to my blog of the same flag quilt you've got on yours. i did applique stars on mine. not sure when i made it--several years ago and hubby had it in his office at the college.


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