Snowflakes Are Falling- A new tutorial

I've got a new tutorial over @ Moda Bake Shop today!
Head on over and check it out! Leave a comment and let me know what you think!
I live in the Utah mountains and it doesn't get hot for too long here. So, we don't have A/C in my studio. The last few days I've been going a little slow becasue it was 89 degrees inside! AHHHH! Oh well, it won't last long! :)

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  1. OH MY!! That is just Beautiful!!
    You do amazing work!! I was thinking that I would try my hand at "Figgy Christmas" But I think this is my new favorite.

  2. Lovely quilt - I also liked the pillowcases, they show off that large print beautifully.

  3. Natalia, I love your quilt -- it's beautiful! And the pillowcases to go with it are the perfect compliment! :)

  4. another fabulous quilt! i really like the way it twinkles!

  5. That is a beautiful quilt and wonderful instructions.
    Have been enjoying the christmas blocks.


  6. It's not cooling off enough at night! :/ My house has been miserable too - I'm off to get a better look at your quilt!!

  7. I just checked out the tutorial - what a great looking quilt. Great job!!

  8. Once upon a time in the land of heat, we could count on our Natalia to create another feat.
    The fabric choice is calming
    with a wintery delight, the snowflakes just shout " oh so bright". the end

    Another serving of "coolness" Ü
    blessings madame samm

  9. It's beautiful! I love the fabrics and the snowflakes.

  10. Your quilt is gorgeous as they all are. I would so love one but the price to send it to Canada is usually as much as kit is. Oh well I will have to check local quilt stores to see if they will have it. The fabric is twice the price in Canada. I think I need a holiday to States. Love your work Sandra

  11. I love this quilt. It is way too small for our bed but would look good there anyways.

  12. oh its beautiful! There arent many quilts out there that showcase fabric in big designs!! i love it!

  13. I love your snowflakes! Just what we need in this heat!!! I just bought Fruit Caketoo, lucky me!

  14. Beautiful work! They really do look like snowflakes.

  15. Oh Natalia! You WIN!!!!! That is the MOST DARLING Christmas Quilt I have seen. I am in LOVE.
    thanks and congrats for getting into Moda Bake Shop AGAIN!!!!!
    you are AMAZING.


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