Cleaning out!

If you stopped by yesterday you probably saw that I've been cleaning out my stash! It feels so good to clean out and dejunk! (I have more stash that will be for sale soon!) Anyways, I've been doing the same thing at home. Over the weekend my husband and I cleaned and organized our garage. It was fun to find all of our hidden treasures again. One treasure that I came across were these kitchen towels. 
 I made these towels when I was 16 or 17. I did all of the applique by hand using embroidery floss. I guess that I never got around to finishing the Christmas Trees either. I actually made two of each. I'm thinking now that I'll probably just tuck them away in my cedar chest, I can't imagine actually using them. :)

Have you cleaned out and found your "old" treasures?

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  1. I've been cleaning out, but no old treasures lost...we move too much to have things hiding from me :)

  2. I'm cleaning out mine but so I can actually use my cutting table :)

  3. There is proof right there that you have had talent and skill all your life!


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