Tonight's gonna be a good good night!

Tonights the night.......
For Talkin' Tuesdays #talknt!
I'm really excited for tonight,
we've got Shari, the amazing designer from Doohickey Designs for Riley Blake Fabrics as our sponsor!
Shari is going to be giving away 1 Cotton Colorway with the Panel of your choice, along with that she will be giving away one of her brand new, never before seen patterns! I am so excited for tonight! I just love Shari's designs!
Visit the Talkin' Tuesdays blog for more info!
Are you going to be there tonight?
Do you need help figuring out how to attend Talkin' Tuesdays?

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  1. I'll be there...and I hope my tweets show up tonight. :) Can't wait.

  2. Ditto Teresa! See u there and see you too Natalia!!

  3. Yikes! I forgot it was Tuesday!! LOL! I'm off to try and set up Twitter - I missed you all last week!


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