Machine Quilting Swirls

 Finishing up the machine quilting on I'm Blushing. 

The finished block.

To answer a few questions from the last video:
Yes, it's all free motion
I do all of my quilting with one hand, I feel I have more control that way
Yes, my arms and back to ache after a long day of quilting
I have never quilted on a conventional machine so I'm really no help in that department
If you have any other questions about machine quilting I'd be more than happy to answer! :)

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  1. OK, wow! One handed? And all free-motion! You are WAY more talented than I thought! My husband was in when I watched the video on the pebbles and he was super impressed too. You are awesome!

    xo -E

  2. Hey Natalia--these videos are fabulous! I would like to know what you are thinking about as you work. Are you thinking about keeping the design the same size? Do you estimate the size you will need to cover the area evenly? Are you thinking about following the curves precisely? I guess I'd like to know how you plan and then what you're thinking as you carry out that plan. (my background--I'm a reading teacher so I teach students how to "think" like good readers because it doesn't come naturally. So, what comes naturally to you may not occur to me because I have never been taught how to "think" like a quilter.) thanks! I can almost see you wincing from here thinking, you want me to TALK? yes I do!

  3. Thats funny! I quilt one-handed too.....I get funny looks when I mention it to other quilters but I agree with you, it gives me much more control. Of course I think I will have elbow problems by the time I am 40 :) Keep up the gret work!

  4. Mesmerizing! That is so cool! Hoping to get my hands on a long arm very soon and give it a try!


  5. I was amazed before...and now I'm speechless. Someday I would love to try to long arm...someday...someday. :) AMAZING work!!

  6. One hand! Wow, I love the quilts ou've done for me and mow I am even more stunned at how talented you are! And no patterns either...wow.

  7. Thanks so much for posting these videos - I could watch them for hours! I feel like I learn so much from the machine quilting videos that folks post. One question I'm curious about - it looks like you tend to quilt the "filler" patterns in the white space (or at least it's white in this quilt) first. Is that just personal preference? Or is there a specific reason for it? THANKS again!

  8. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Excellent. Inspirational!


  9. Alrighty Natalia. that is so frigging amazing...Now I hand stitch so I am thinking maybe a day to do what you did in a couple of minutes...lol and I stitch with one hand..does that count for anything? lol...No really, how amazing you do all this in free motion...I am sew impressed.
    blessings madame samm

  10. I am SO impressed--I had no idea that everything you do is free motion! I'll have to try this on my machine (not a longarm, but I think it'll work on my Bernina). I've been trying to do spirals, but the swirls look so much easier :)

  11. I appreciate you sharing your skills with us. I just started long arm quilting a couple months ago and found that free motion quilting is the easiest. So thank you so much for showing how you do those swirls. I hate trying to trace or follow a pantograph.

  12. I'm the exact same way! I quilt free motion with my longarm and only use one hand most of the time too! Glad to know I'm not the only one. No one believes me when I tell them I have better control of the machine like that. Great job! Cute quilt!


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