I've been quilting

 I've been busy quilting, of course! 
I quilted this quilt with an all over rose, I think it turned out really pretty.
 I really like the soft colors.
A close up shot.
I quilted this cute red & blue quilt. I guess I didn't get a very good picture of the front.
I quilted paisleys and I love them!
I've got another little secret. I can't wait to share more....
Until then, this one below is a sneak peak.
I of course did a little bit of custom quilting.
Hope you're having a happy Thursday!
I'm heading to a concert with my husband tonight.
I'm a little excited for a date!

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  1. OMG beautiful!!!

    you are so talented!!

    have a good evening tonight!!

    Melissa from Naches, WA

  2. These are gorgeous. You are awesome. I need to bring you one of mine to quilt.

  3. That top quilt, too funny! I had a quilt top to do out of the exact same fabrics, except hers was all log cabin blocks and I quilted it in the exact same pattern! :)

  4. ohmy, Natalia...that top quilt in the rose quilting...I love it! Actually, I think all the quilting you do is wonderful. Just sayin.

  5. Love your quilting designs and love the paisleys.
    I do those in my frakturs, I should be able to free motion some on my quilts.


  6. I always love seeing all the quilts that pass through your hands! I'm loving all of your new patterns too! Very inspiring!

  7. I love how you quilted the brown one. All your work is so pretty and original!

  8. You seriously have no idea how much your quilting blows my mind. Machine quilting is my biggest weakness.


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