I'm a visual person.

I love seeing pictures, I'm a visual person.
Remember back here when I shared the inside of my studio?
Well today is a crazy day for me, I probably won't get much sewing, or quilting done, I'll share soon why not.
So I thought I'd share the exterior of the studio.
I am up there above the garage, see where it says studio. 


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  1. well Natalia , now after seeing this , I definately want to be your neighbor !!! Is this yours or your mom's place ? Doesn't matter , I'm moving next door !!! I've been voting for your mom every day , so she won't mind , will she ???

  2. You have a beautiful home and love how you are doing the landscaping.


  3. Love those puffy white clouds in the blue sky! Someday I'm going to live in Utah.

  4. OHH Natalia..how lucky for us that you are a visual person...otherwise we would not have the luxury of your enormous talent...love your home and your studio..To continued visions..as they work for you..and us.
    blessings msamm

  5. i have not been by since the landscaping was finished - it looks fabulous!

  6. I was so distracted by your studio when I was there that I forgot to tell you how pretty the outside it. The yard is landscaped so beautifully and I love the way the outside of the house is finished. You have a very nice space to work in -- inside and out.

    xo -El

  7. WOW, You lucky girl. What a great place to live and work.

  8. Picture postcard home. I love it. Perfect place for an outdoor quilt show too! {hint, hint...maybe next spring}.



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