Minky - what I think-

I just finished quilting these two darling all Minky quilts. 
I asked yesterday your opinions of Minky and it seems as though most have the same opinion. 
Minky has a lot of pros and cons. Here are a few of my opinions.

It's 60" wide
It's super super soft
It's nice to cuddle with
It gives quilts a little extra body
There are so many darling prints and colors now available

Hard to stabilize

 I have really mixed opinions of Minky, I think I feel the way most of you do. I don't mind quilting with it on the Long Arm machine if it is used as the backing and the backing is at least 5" larger than the quilt top.  I have tried quilting with it on the long arm with cotton fabric on the top and minky as the backing with no batting and I was very unhappy with the result. Because of the stretch of the minky on the Long Arm machine it seems like the batting acts as a stabilizer.  

If you are looking for a super soft alternative that is a little more stable and not so expensive try fleece. I've quilted with it as backing on a few quilts and it quilts beautifully.

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  1. Well, I have the same thoughts as you on Minky - I love the texture but its so stretchy and sheds everywhere when you're working with it. But I do love that quilt :-) its simply gorgeous!

  2. Can I ask what brand or where they got it?

  3. I have never worked with Minky but have made dresses from velvet... what a pain in the kazoo...

    Brava for tackling Minky and thanks for reporting your pros and cons!

  4. I don't mind quilting on Minky at all but insist on batting. I love the feel of Minky.

  5. I agree with your opinions. Yes for softness it is great for backing on a baby quilt, but I did it once and will NEVER do it again because to hand stitch the binding on the back was MISERABLE! Or maybe I could do the hand stitching on the front. But never on the Minkee again!

  6. That pink one is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


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