Daisy Delight {Machine Quilting} Video Included

Have you ever seen this quilt before?
I  kinda love it!
It's my Daisy Delight pattern made by my super sweet customer Emmy. I custom machine quilted it for her and  I really love how it turned out.
I snapped a few pictures of the blocks while quilting.
I also made this little video of me quilting this quilt. In the video I am quilting a block with the swirls. :)
Hope you enjoy!

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  1. This is too darn cute! I now know what I am going to make for my Mom's guest room. That is, if you have time to quilt it!

  2. So so so darling!! That is one beautiful quilt!!

  3. ok, am I a boob? I hit the play video and all it showed was the machine...no quilting...huh?

  4. What kind of machine are you featuring in the video. It's interesting...not sure I've seen one like this before...

  5. The quilt is beautiful...the quilting really makes it.

  6. I tried to watch your video. It was only 16seconds, and no quilting.
    I love the 3D flowers. very pretty.

  7. That quilt is gorgeous! It is hard to tell on the pattern photo - are the flowers 3 dimensional in your pattern?
    I really love love love this quilt!
    P.S. - the machine quilting really makes the design pop - great job!

  8. I love that quilt, it is gorgeous and the quilting really makes it more dimensional.


  9. This quilt looks so fancy. Like it belongs in a guest room, where on rare occasion, it is carefully folded down at bedtime rather than cuddled with.

  10. Your quilting is beautiful. I love how you quilted around the center of the flowers so it made them kind of puff up. Really cool!

  11. That turned out gorgeous!! Those flowers are so cool....how they are 3 dimensional..very cool and your quilting is great as always!

  12. The top is gorgeous. It doesn't look like it would take that long to do. But the work that you did, with the quilting, OMG my anxiety level goes way up. Beautiful work.

  13. Don't you just love being able to go to work in your sweatpants?! ;) Awesome job---and I still can't believe you do it all one-handed!

  14. Natalia,
    congratulations... YOU ARE FANTASTIC!!!
    Thanks for sharing your job. We always learn a lot with you.
    All the best,

  15. BEAUTIFUL! Natalia , you do such wonderful quilting! Totally makes the quilt. I loved this quilts 3-d flowers.. Great job Renay


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