Teaching In Northern Idaho

I spent the last couple of days in Norther Idaho at the Northern Idaho Quilters Guild. It was a great guild and a lot of fun to spend a couple days with them.

It was also fun to visit Northern Idaho, you may remember that my mom is from Boise, so growing up my family spent a lot of time traveling in Idaho, I think the last time that I was as far north as Couer d'Alene was when I was about four years old, so it's been a few years. It's gorgeous there, and my mom would be so proud to know that I was amazed at all the pine trees in Northern Idaho. :)

I taught, Over Under, Limeade, A-Maze Me and Wrapped in Red. It's always so much fun to see the fabric choices that the ladies in my classes choose and I LOVE seeing how they make the quilts their own.

For the Over Under class most of the ladies decided to make bed or table runners instead of the full quilt, and a few of them were able to finish their runners in class! YAY!

Limeade, check out those gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics.

Pam almost finished her whole throw size quilt! I was super impressed how much she got done on this quilt!

Thanks to the Northern Idaho Quilters for having me!


  1. Fun blocks, I bet your students are enjoying your knowledge and skills.

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  3. Love the blocks! Thank you Northern Idaho quilters for sharing your pictures!


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