Orbital Rotarty Blade Sharpener & Needle Sharpener - Product Review

Every once in a while I get to try out new products and share my thoughts about them with you. Today is one of those great days and I get to tell you about the Orbital Rotary Cutter Blade Sharpener and the Needle Sharpening Pad.

I'm all about a new sharpener, something that can save me a little money, because we all know how dang expensive rotary blades are, but, if you're like me you NEED a sharp rotary blade.

These cool tools were invented and designed in Vancouver, WA are are completely made in the USA. USA Sharpeners is a small business venturing into the quilting and sewing world. The Orbital Rotary Blade Shapener is a patented design that is able to sharpen all standard 45mm and 60mm rotary cutting blades.
The Needle sharpener is a cool, simple design that allows you to sew through it without removing the needle from your sewing machine and works in just seconds, how cool is that! The needle sharpener design is also available in a wrist pin cushion version.

I've been playing with these tools for a couple months and they are just awesome! Check them out over at USA Sharpeners.


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