Just One Star {Finishing the quilts}

In April Moda started a challenge called Just One Star. The goal was to make, from start to finish, 100 quilts for 100 brave men and women wounded in fight in 100 days. They asked everyone to make and donate, Just One Star. Kathleen and I made a couple stars and sent them in. 

Last week I heard that Moda was in need of some help machine quilting these quilts. I couldn't resist helping out. Since I have uncles, grandpas and cousins who have all served our country I just knew I needed to help out more. I was sent three of the quilts and spent the whole day yesterday quilting them.
They look all pretty don't they :)
Me and my ADD had to quilt each one of them differently.
So, I stippled one.
Quilted Stars and Loops all over one.
And quilted Swirls on one.

Thanks so much to the awesome people at Moda for putting this together. Polly and Laurie blogged a little more about the success of this yesterday, they mentioned that Moda now has more like 1000 quilts. AWESOME!

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  1. How very kind and generous of you to do the quilting on three of the Just One Star quilts! They will be special to someone deserving.

  2. Very nice work ! I LOVE the Stars & Loops the best ! even though you didn't ask ! Did you see star squares from anybody you knew ? That is so cool that they got more than a 1000 ! yay ; Moda sent me a thank you gift after I sent mine in ! wow !

  3. They look fabulous! I'm wondering if any of your stars have "Mary Miller, OHIO" written on them. It's a complete longshot, but it would be so cool if you quilted one of my stars!

  4. Wonderful work....that is awesome of you to help with this. I sent in two stars for this project. I think it was awesome project.

  5. A big thank you to you from a very touched Marine wife! :) Made me cry in my coffee this morning :) Im hoping Moda might do some stories on a few of the men and woman that receive them.

  6. Love them...and how amazing that you were willing to donate so much time for custom quilting on each one! I sent a block in, so maybe one of mine was in one of those quilts. This has just been a fantastic project for all involved!

  7. As a Marine wife, I justed want to say thank you!

  8. I loved being apart of this. I only wish that I could have done more stars.
    I wanted to ask if one of the stars on the quilted swirls was mine? I am asking because it looks like it. If it is not I will not be a bit disapointed. Like I said I loved doing this and it was an honor to do.

    Thank you miltary spouces and miltary personal for all that you do!

  9. They look awesome!! What a wonderful success story!!

  10. Great job with the quilting...is the star a pantograph? I need it for Wounded Warrior quilts!!

  11. Good for you!!! I live in Colorado Springs and we have 5 military bases here. The quilting community is very active in contributing to this cause, Wounded Warriors. In fact, quilters are super generous people who contribute to all kinds of causes....makes me very proud ! your quilting looks wonderful :)

  12. Awesome Natalia---the military will TRULY love these quilts. I am an Army wife and you just made me smile!!

  13. Beautiful quilting! What a nice thing to do.

  14. Another testament to the big-heartedness and generosity of quilters and other human beings around the world.

  15. That is amazing! You are great.

  16. sweet sweet sweet! I donated a star to the cause, can't thank those who serve enough for my freedom. thanks for taking the time to finish them up. they will be so loved. Janita


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