It's for the Birds {McCalls Quilting Magazine}

The process of the 2010 McCalls Quilt Design Star Challenge has come to the end. One of the prizes for winning the challenge was to have Kathleens' quilt pattern published in McCalls Quilting magazine.
(McCalls Quilting magazine July/August 2011)

Yesterday we received our copy and let me tell you, those ladies at McCalls did a fabulous job of putting the pattern together.
First, they have a two page article about all of the finalists in the 2010 design star challenge, and their amazing quilts. 
Then on the next page they have Kathleens' quilt & pattern, "It's for the Birds"
The pattern is written very nicely and has so very detailed instructions.
Quilt kits and magazines are available through Seasons of Home 435-654-2844

I just have to tell you all one last time, thank you to everyone who supported and voted for my mom, Kathleen in this contest. She is still flattered daily by the support that so many have given to her.

Here are a few photos of the quilt, just in case you haven't had a chance to see it before. :)
Close up of the machine quilting by me :)
Above, Kathleen likes to add extra details, like a tiny white piping.

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  1. beautiful and congrats to your mom.

  2. I received my copy and thought the same thing--it really is a nice layout and feature article! It feels great knowing that someone so deserving won & I was able to be a part of that process!! This quilt is just jaw-droppingly exquisite!

  3. All the HARD work paid off. And what a beauty that quilt truly is indeed! Give your mom a huge hug!!

  4. I read the entire article, and agree with you. They did a wonderful job on the information about each quilter and excellent pics of their quilts. I thought your Mom's was the absolute best from day one though! The Cardinal Quilt was just gorgeous and such a unique look. Loved that it was non-symmetrical.

  5. I was ahppy to VOTE for her. It' sgreat when you pick a WINNER to vote for and she wins. She inspired my to enter this year, and I am 1 of 20 finalists in 1st Challenge. Gotta get back to work on that...

  6. Holy Crap (pardon my French) but that quilt is AMAZING! I haven't seen it before, and she totally deserved to win! Awesome!

  7. Her quilt really does look wonderful in the magazine, I bet she was thrilled when she received it.


  8. What a gorgeous quilt! Beautiful design and your quilting is perfect on it too! Congrats to you both!

  9. Beautiful quilt and I bought the magazine today so I would have the pattern......

  10. Congratulations to your mom! I voted for her numerous times. I'm glad she won, her quilt is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that it's out in the new issue.

  11. Thank you so much to tell us! I'll surely buy it! Happy to support your talented mom! :)

  12. It's so nice to see your mom's efforts come to fruition!! What a beautiful addition to the magazine. I know you are very proud of her!! ~karen

  13. That's so cool. And that quilt turned out absolutely gorgeous!! The piecing..to the applique..to the quilting!

  14. I am so happy that Kathleen won. I voted so many times but did not realize that she won. Congrats to her.

  15. AWESOME!!! Congrats and good job ladies!

  16. I just got to look through my copy of this magazine yesterday and saw beautiful Kathleen! Congrats! It was so much fun to read this and feel like I "knew" someone in the magazine. Wow, you two look so much alike. I am not convinced you aren't really SISTERS! :) Congrats again!


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