Watching the Garden Grow! {and Shabby Apple Give-Away Winner}

It seems as though I'm not the only one who is quite intrigued by watching the garden grow. At my home I don't have space to grow a garden so I just have to enjoy the garden that my dad grows here at the studio. I thought it would be fun to follow along each week and watch the progress that it makes.
Yesterday was planting day so I snapped a few pictures.
I'll post a few each week and track the progress.
While taking pictures of the garden I had to take a picture of the beautiful poppies that are blooming. I love poppies.

Also, thanks to everyone who entered our Shabby Apple Give-Away. Click here to see if you are the winner!!!!!!

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  1. My poppies did not do well this year ; when they started to bloom it started days of wind and hard rain ; made me sad because they really multiplied ! thanks for the pics !@

  2. Those poppies look so pretty!! Can't wait to see more of the garden!!


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