Row Quilt {machine quilting} and a question about the garden!

Marcia made this beautiful row quilt.
She told me that she starting piecing on it about ten years ago and just lost motivation..... don't we all know how that goes. :)
Her goal for this year what to get it finished and now she has! She's even got six months to spare!

**here is Marcia's info about the quilt**

I wanted to comment that the quilt is from the book, "A Pieceful Year" designed by Sue Ramage and published by Four Corners.  (I believe the book is now out of print, but I could be wrong!)  And I wanted to say that I am so glad it took me that long to finish it because I was able to then find you who did an absolutely beautiful job on finishing it for me!
She chose to have me machine quilt feathers edge to edge. They added such a fun touch to her quilt.
I had to take a few extra pictures of the rows. I just LOVE them! 
I'm headed back outside to see the garden next to the studio being planted.
Here in the Utah mountains and all of this cold weather we've had it's just now getting planted. 
Do you garden?
Would you like to see weekly pictures of the garden in progress?

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  1. That quilt is beautiful!

    I would love to see weekly pictures of your garden in progress!! I live in the city, so I have no grass :( I only have a few planters with flowers and herbs.

  2. I like the rows. It's like a sampler but with order.

    I wish I could garden. One day I hope to have a place where I can grow my own veggies. I think it would be fun to see a weekly photo of the garden. I love watching things grow.

  3. The quilt is gorgeous!! Was it block of the month at Quilt's Etc? I recognize a lot of the blocks because I made one too. If it is, good for her for finishing it :)

  4. Did you know my husband who refuses to eat vegetables wants to grow a garden? He'd probably enjoy seeing pics of it!

  5. awesome quilt! i love all the quilting you do...

    i live in a small apartment with a tiny balcony - this year i've decided to try and grow some things in pots and planters. it's going great! in just three weeks, my tomato plant has more than tripled in size! gardening is exciting.

  6. YES to the garden pictures!

    I think the feather design was a wonderful choice for that quilt. It enhances the design, but allows the intricate piecing to really take center stage. I have a row quilt from ages ago tucked away upstairs. Oh, the fabrics would be horribly outdated by now, but that quilt still holds fond memories. I think about it from time to time. Maybe some year.....

  7. That is a lot of work! A beautiful quilt!

  8. That turned out beautiful. I love the row pattern. It looks like a fresh new pattern, even though she started it 10 years ago. Can you give the name of the pattern or BOM she used. I'm new on a quilt guild workshop committee, and I think this would be a wonderful BOM for next year!

  9. Beautiful quilt. There are so many nice things to look at.

    I don't know if I'm in the minority but I do enjoy seeing everyone's gardens. I love to garden but haven't been able to for a couple seasons and I love to see how other people's garden are growing. I especially love to see wicker baskets full of fresh picked veggies.

  10. I would love to see garden pics! I also garden and here in Indiana we suffered tons of rain that didn't allow for my garden to get put in till last week which is late.

  11. AWESOME, Natalia!!!
    Gosh! There was much time I did not come here... hehehe...
    As always, beautiful jobs!!!

  12. Love the quilt and quilting on it!

  13. I'd like to know the name of the pattern and where to find it. Thanks!

  14. WOW ! GORGEOUS !! She is blessed to have found you to quilt this beauty and make it extra special ! We planted a small garden (about 12 plants) at the beginning of June . We have a corn field behind our house ; with the rain and the on and off hot weather , it has been growing crazy fast ! so far, out plants are growing fast too . I also planted some flower seeds ......


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